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Stephanie & John
"The metaverse you might be looking for..."
When I signed up with POF, I was a 19 year old with a baby, and I had recently been forced to move back in with my parents. I honestly had very low expectations; I had already been burned a couple of times by online dating, and this was basically my last-ditch effort to do some casual dating. My profile was admittedly laced with sarcasm and silly pictures and expressions (my tagline being "Looking for my alternate reality"). I was disappointed by the people with whom I was "matched," and even...  Lire la suite
Mariage 10/2012
Vanessa & CJ
you had me at chive on
We both moved from our respective hometowns to central Ohio. We did not know anyone so we both went to online dating, not thinking anything would come from it. We met each other for our first date and haven't looked back. We got engaged on the beach and are currently planning our wedding. We both couldn't be happier.
Mariés 10/2015
Cindy & Scott
Soul Mates...No lie
I joined P.O.F. we talked on the phone for two weeks, then met. It's true. Love at first sight does exist. We are getting married on Halloween of this year because we are both fans of zombies. We were a match made in heaven, and all my prayers and wishes came true the minute we met. Thanks to POF
Mariés 10/2014
Terry & Susan
True love is out there - you just have to keep searching
I saw Susan's picture on POF and sent her a simple message... Susan came back with 'Thank you, but I'm looking for a confident man'... from that, we talked and talked for 4 days, until we met,,, that was it, we both felt the 'chemistry', the 'love' the joining that I now know you only feel when you find that true love.... I told her 10 days after meeting her that I was going to marry her, now there's your confident man!! And so, 6 months later, I did just as I promised, and we have just h...  Lire la suite
Mariés 8/2014
Lena & Richard
Perfect Match
Corny as it sounds, and just as unbelievable, I met my husband/best friend on this site. We were married exactly a year later and now have two daughters. I know that might not happen for everyone but for me, I found my soulmate online.
Mariage 10/2012
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