shesaBOSS: Why me ?
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No fumador con Contextura delgada
Near pasadena california, California
34 year old Mujer, 175cm, Católico
Origen étnico
Otro Géminis con Cabello marrón
shesaBOSS Busco a alguien para matrimonio
Algunos estudios Universitarios
I deal w money

Bad girl gone good...

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¿Consumes bebidas alcohólicas? Sí (<3veces/semana) ¿Quieres tener hijos? No
Estado civil Soltero ¿Consumes drogas? Sí (<3veces/semana)
Mascotas Sin Mascotas Color de ojos Marrones
¿Tienes vehículo propio? ¿Tienes hijos? No
Relación más larga Más de 10 año ¿Eres ambicioso(a)? Súper ambicioso(a)
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Acerca De Ridiculously picky it's disgusting
Not hook up material so exit stage left.Stop favoriting me and say you want to meet me I never look at the list so it's a waste of time and it's so irritating and annoying yuck.I do not do one night stands or booty calls I value and respect myself too much for not here for that. I have an excellent relationship w God so if you have a problem with that you can peace out !!..Underneath all the rules and regulations that I just deleted and don't feel like repeating , im a down to earth girl looking for a guy with manners and a sense of humor.Got to make me laugh.Im a nice person looking for my other half.I still miraculously have faith in a hypothetical fairytale ending.Good luck regardless.oh and don't put you wana meet me or favorite me AGAIN!I never look
and never meet anyone on that list unless they message me so don't waste your are disgusting if you wanna favorite me just to look at my pictures.i know who you are and I will get you banished from Pof've been warned.other than that have the loveliest day lol p.s. I hate this site.

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Anything laid back involving JAMESON.yum!not your house either.PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR TIME SENDING HATE IT MEANS nothing to me so stop the bullsh*tpussies!!!Dont even think about sex til maybe third or fourth SERIOUSLY.basically til when I deem it appropriate ya feel me? GOOD.

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