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No con Atlético tipo de cuerpo
Mountain view, California
53 year old Mujer, 157cm, Nueva Era
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Indio, Géminis
RN4theworld busco a alguien para matrimonio.
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This site is relatively new and interesting to me. I'm not exactly sure what people are searching for and why but I'm guessing it's probably for the same reasons which brought me here, with the distinction of seriously looking not to waste my time or yours.
I am a well rounded intelligent person. I would like to highlight my career as a new nurse with an extensive background in the health care field. It has helped to shape my life and the world around me. Spirituality adds an extra bonus to my mysterious side and creates the purpose of my existence. Throughout my life, I've had opportunities to know many persons of all backgrounds which I treasure till today. I love all kinds of people, I like to think of them as a learning experience... All my best friends are from Junior High School and we still keep in touch often...My newest ethnic friends are recently acquired from Nursing School..
I have three grown kids whom I love and adore, we have a wonderful relationship and if I may say, I'm very proud to be called their Mom:)
I seem to have a wide variety of interests just like all of you out there and I think it's a good way to live, just as long as it is stimulating and productive in the right way. Humans are social creatures and we gravitate to what brings us joy and fulfillment. I'm eager to meet someone who is old-fashioned in many ways yet can move with the times, incorporating the new but holding on to what's true and timeless, such as morals, integrity, character, loyalty etc.
I'm completely non-judgemental and respect people for who they are, I don't criticize. I really like those who are not complicated,who finds it difficult to get along with others and are critical. I am a very calm, understanding and patient person, at this age, I would take that as a compliment for myself:) Exactly what should we fighting for at this age and why?? I believe relationships will succeed if there is love, respect, communication and understanding. To control and demand is not my way of life and I hope it's a thing of the past for you. If there is anyone person out there who is of similar mind to me, I would hope that you are in tune with your thoughts and actions and are working towards being the best you can be:)

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My date should be able to smile easily, be relaxed, and have lots of interesting things to say and to listen to what I have to say as well. Be respectful, kind in speech and considerate of others.

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