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Calechcj: Ready to get out there
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Dublin, California
27 year old Mujer, 168cm, Ateo
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Caucásico Tauro con Cabello marrón
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Physical therapy coordinator

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Just on here to make a friend go on.... I'm not looking for my husband just on for fun if something comes out of it Awesome! I love my family and my friends who are like an extended family... I love sports A's fan born and raised but and a niner fan and the only one of my family! I dont do drama ans if you have a girlfriend and are kn this site please save me the trouble...and in case any of you thought CHEATERS/LIARS are something i am interested in dont bother i dont time for little boy games...Send me a message for anything else I am not shy and pretty much an open book! let me just say no I don't want to jump in bed with someone I don't want you to send me a picture of your penis so please don't ask

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