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La crescenta, California
46 year old Mujer, 160cm, Cristiana-Otra
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Blanco/Caucásico, Virgo
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So me…… I am funny. Very funny. I am easy going and easy to get along with. Im confident and can fit in anywhere without having to be entertained. I know how to act in public and really do try to be on my best behavior. But sometimes not behaving is more fun.
I am 100% loyal to the people i care about and i will do anything for them. And I do it because I want to. Not to be praised or keep score and not to throw it in anyones face later.

I am probably the funnest person I know. I like me . The friends that matter like me and if you do thats cool. But if you dont no sleep lost here.
I dont have time for arguing, bad moods, bad attitudes, or the people that do. Been there done that. Theres no reason not to be happy everyday. If you are miserable all the time, maybe you should work on making yourself happy before you bring the misery into a new relationship

Im not looking for anyone to become my life maybe just to add to it. Someone to watch meteor showers with. My son has outgrown it along with a lot of things that I enjoy and find myself doing them alone.
I know what I want and what I dont want. Im not going to settle because I dont have to. No one does. Im not asking for a lot. and the only demand I make is you better make me laugh. Laugh with me and smile with me. And be a good kisser.

Im not your typical Cali girl. I love camping and hiking. I have a son and we spend a lot of time dirt bike riding. Im just as comfortable in leathers as I am in heels and a dress.
Ild rather make sandwiches and go to the mountains or the beach than sit inside a restaurant. Or lets get it to go.

You are...... you. Im not going to change you or keep you tied down or try to mold you. You are a little bit of a geek. You dont take life too serious. You are confident and secure and I feel safe with you. Without you being confrontational or a bully. You can hang with even my most tiresome friends but i wont make you. most important ....YOU ARE FUNNY. You make me laugh. We laugh at everything. Without being annoying and obnoxious. Lol . And if you don't have the same interests that ok. Want to learn ? Great. But please don't pretend to like things that you have no interest in. Just be you.
Wow I just realized how long this is. Lol. Sorry. So if you made it this far and you're still awake, then you really need to get some hobbies and it's probably not going to work out with us. Lol.
Totally kidding. But there are some changes. I currently live in calif. But will be moving to salem in the next month.

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