cindylouwho214: Looking for a guy with a kind heart.
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San jose, California
46 year old Mujer, 165cm, No Religioso
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Caucásico Aries con Cabello marrón
cindylouwho214 Busco a alguien para matrimonio
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Manager, nanny

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I want the relationship where we can't wait to see each other, where the simplest gesture just makes us smile, where we can talk to all hours and not be tired afterwards. You know what I'm talking about, you miss that or want that for the first time also, right?

Most people say that I am driven, generous, honest, an optimist, dependable, nurturing, affectionate, goal oriented, positive, confident and have a strong moral base. I tend to agree. But I'd say I am always striving to learn and grow, become more healthy and find more balance in my life.

I look forward to learning to ride a motorcycle, skydive, scuba dive, go sailing and really want to learn to fly.

Well, you got past the pictures and read the whole profile... You must be interested at least a little. Why not say hi and see where it goes?

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I don't have some magical first date scenario. To me it is more about the person that I am with, not where we are. Just need to be able to talk and get to learn more about each other.