Ruckus88: almond eyes because i'm fuggen nutts! ;)
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Ocasionalmente con Unos kilos de más tipo de cuerpo
Santa nella, California
26 year old Mujer, 160cm, Otra
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Hispano, Géminis
Ruckus88 quiere salir pero nada serio.
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got muh hurr did finally! Haha

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FIRST OFF..Please message me something with a little originality or that at least shows you took the time to read a bit about me.. I will simply not reply to Hey Gorgeous, cutie, sexy, ma etc..

SECONDLY: I AM NOT INTERESTED IN A BONE DOWN, CASUAL SEX MATE, FRIEND WITH BENEFITS, etc.. If I were i'd try my hand at escourting and get paid!! Also, I am simply not attracted to larger set or heavy men.. Sorry just not for me. My preference is someone of average, athletic, or thin build and that is taller than 5'5.

I'm a very lively, and loud person who enjoys movies and socializing. I am kinda nerdy at times especially because most of last year i spent stabbing sh*twith my Eladrin Rogue in 4th Edition D&D haha! I've since left that gaming group but enjoyed it immensely! I am severely sarcastic...which comes off as mean, but it's just my dark humor.I am a huge film fanatic and love the horror and comedy genres the most. I love my tequila and drinking in general, but don't need it to function or have fun. I'm 420 friendly and a medical user. I'm looking to meet someone I can try and make a connection with emotionally and if nothing else to make some quality friendships. I have a tight knit group of friends that I love going to social events with and it'd be nice to meet someone to accompany me to some or even venture off with on our own adventures!

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Pretty openminded to something we can both enjoy, but going out for a few drinks or a movie is always fun.
Sometimes all that is needed is lots of laughter and a great conversationalist..
Other times pot and alcohol is a MUST haha :P
I just really want to meet someone I can potentially go sky diving with one day and lay around under a tree listening to music the next and be just as happy.

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