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Modesto, California
26 year old Mujer, 173cm, No Religioso
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Caucásico Cancer con Cabello marrón
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Aloha..(: grew up out here kinda funny bein back..

If your opening line is: "Hey how are you?" (You don't know me yet WHY are you trying to catch up? Introduce yourself!) or if your username has the word: swag, pimp, or sexy/cute/hot =NEXT

Sweet/Italian/happy/understanding/goofy/nerdy/spontaneous/active/thick hourglass figure/imperfect body/ always working on my mind, body & soul

I want a guy who knows how and when to take control of any given situation, and will take time to show some appreciation and sweetness towards me.

Down with: 420, 710, crafting, painting, reading, thinking, photography, the creative process, conversations, wordplay, writing, pinball, going out every once in a while, playing sports/games, studying, girly stuff, cute things, snow, sand, asphalt, guys who drive way too fast, guys with a unique style

*****Not down with stupidity, I just can't handle it

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