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Underneath my adult life full of infinite responsibilities, there lies this KID who still wants to watch Saturday morning cartoons in bed, or hang out at a theme park riding roller coaster rides and screaming at the top of her lungs. I've definitely had my share of partying days in my 20s..now a workaholic most of the time, but the little leisure time that I have is spent hanging out with close friends and family. I particularly enjoy summertime because of my love for beaches, BBQs, baseball, and just about anything associated with warm weather and sunshine. I can appreciate wintertime if I can cozy up with someone special and keep warm. (^_~)

Over time, I think that people change in taste. My teenage years into my 20s meant I like boys who play hard to get and think they are tough and too cool. Now, I prefer nice guys who'd rather call me often than keep me guessing, straight forward and doesn't play games, and who smiles constantly rather than mean mug..haha X)

I am not looking for someone to fall in love with instantaneously, but I also don't want someone who has completely ruled out falling in love and settling down eventually. I guess you can say that I am looking for a friend who may one day become a life partner. I am seeking someone who is kind, mature, genuine, humorous, and effortless to talk to. Nothing matters if conversations can't flow smoothly!

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hmmm..this should definitely involve fun conversations over coffee or froyo! =)

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