vaycantsee: Chicana free thinker.
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Castro valley, California
26 year old Mujer, 160cm, No religiosa
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Raza Mixta, Capricornio
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I’m an open minded person. I believe in some kind of divine being though I don't affiliate with any religion. I have a tendency to be shy at first and can be kind of awkward sometimes.

I like hiking, travel, exploring local places, doing new things, and trying new food/dance venues. I drink occasionally, and have experienced other things sporadically when I was younger. I love dancing all kinds of latin dance, especially cumbia but I'm on the current endeavour of learning salsa. I’m spontaneous, reliable, and nurturing. If I’m dating someone I’m very romantic and affectionate, otherwise, I'm a typical corky girl. I’m kind of old fashioned when it comes to dating and have strong family values.

I like hanging out with friends (like most humans I guess), and cooking, sewing, shopping, crafting and painting if alone (always to music). And love seeing people smile. I don't watch much TV so I can be out of touch with typical pop culture, thus, if I give this blank stare at something you say, don't worry, it's not you.

I currently work as a bilingual literacy tutor in an elementary school and I'm also a full time student in the process of getting two bachelor's. (Disclaimer: I lean somewhat towards the left politically but Im very open to hear other points of views. It's important to hear people out before jumping to conclusions.)

Generally, I'm lookingfor someone who is open minded, intellegent, a good kisser, knows what a thesaurus is, has an education and a sense of humor (witty is good). Spanish is a huge, huge, huge plus because I traval to Mexico on a regular basis.

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Karaoke, bowling, dance club, beach, hiking, coffee, yard sales, happy hour, whatever really... I'm pretty open minded, I think the company's more important :)