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RedwoodGirl: Faithful, honest, trustworthy
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March 2014

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I am a woman, who likes to see the world with a cup half full rather than half empty. I like hearing live music (all kinds) at small quaint places; I like long talks about life, and listening to what your dreams are. I like family and grandchildren, I like walks on the beach and finding a special walk through the trees. My idea of a getaway is a day without any plans, watching the sun rise followed with looking for a new place for breakfast, holding hands. Not knowing what the day will bring but ending in each other’s arms.

I believe living life with gratefulness. Gratefulness is always the appropriate answer to most everything. Laughter and appreciation for others. I have no need to change another, only appreciate who they are.

I was a fire fighter for three years and a chaplain for the fire house when I lived in Oregon. I have a passion to be of service to others and enjoy life. I appreciate what brought a person to be who they are.

I like to eat healthy food and I am comfortable cooking. Although I enjoy when others cook too! I have been walking an hour a day at least four days a week and really enjoy daily strolls along the beach.

I choose to respect and value each day and person in my life as a gift. My goal is to be up when the other is down and knowing each other will block the fall or enjoy the high together. I am looking for someone who is protective and an old fashioned gentleman. Although understanding if my own independent nature. I enjoy differences of opinion and I want to speak out loud of them if they arise, kindly and openly. I have a hard time with secrets, anger or lies. I am a caring, loving, passionate women who likes being a lady yet I have the heart of a child - open and vulnerable. Ready to enjoy life after working many years. It's a new chapter. Working part time now and soon to retire completely.

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My idea of a first date would be one we can always remember, maybe a cup of coffee in a beautiful place or surprise me! Of course the option to say good-bye if the chemistry is not there. So, if this sounds like you, I look forward to hearing from you.

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