pheonnixx: Who wants to curl up by the fire?
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Pleasanton, California
40 year old Mujer, 160cm, Budista
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Asiático Géminis con Negro
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After decades of riding the roller coaster of life, I've come to recognize the important things in life and overlook the small, everyday stuff. I would like to progressively expand my worldly experiences that includes traveling and trying out new activities. I've been leaning towards the artistic side, probably a core part of me that's been locked up too long all these years.
Even though I've occasioned the party scene, I'm looking for someone who isn't too much of a partyer or been there and done that, and ready to move onto the next phase and something more substantial. Don't take that for boredom because life itself has so much more to offer to people who are open and awake, a much deeper excitement and satisfaction you can't find in a drink or noisy crowd, esp. night after night. Not saying don't mind hitting the nightscene together once in a blue moon, but there's so much more out there, don't you think?
I'm attracted to tall and sleek, laid back, established and has some direction in their life. Someone who's intelligent, reliable, upstanding and enjoys taking care of their partner.
I have a big heart and a lot to give to the right person and can really appreciate a great, wonderful guy.
I tend to be very understanding to a fault and can really put myself in just about anyone's shoes.
I don't like to confine myself to a list of this and that (or labels for that matter), what I've done, what specifics I just gotta have or outlining goals for my next 5 years. Some things I've come to find is you can't plan everything and sometimes the instant you have something down, everything changes up and the whole thing goes out the window.

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There are people from all walks of life with different takes on what's a good first date. So I'm open to whatever suits the person who's taking the time to meet me and be open to possibilities. It could be as simple and cautious as having coffee, to something more involved like taking in a new interesting movie or going to check out some art or show, to having a nice horseback or boat ride somewhere. There's more than one option and I'm open to them!

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