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ArcherAlpha: Maybe I'm a different breed
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Vacaville, California
22 year old Mujer, 178cm, Nueva Era
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ArcherAlpha Quiere salir pero nada serio
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Tatuado/con piercings

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Acerca De Archer
I am....

-artistic, I love to paint, sketch, sew, glue, shred, knot, mold, whatever...
-blunt, I'll tell you exactly what I think.
-musically inclined, I love going to shows and concerts(punk/metal/folk)
-i like animals(i have two snakes and two dogs....) I also tame birds of prey...hawks,owls, etc..
-i'm a photographer
-Archery is a favored hobbie
-i love fishing and shooting guns(I have 2 shot guns and a rifle)
-Humor...very important to me. You have to be able to take my ****ed off jokes
-I have a strange but interesting style, if you have one too that's awesome.
-I currently work at a burrito place but I'm working on starting my own business right now.(herbalism, jewelry, hand made clothing and paintings)

The "serious" section!.....

-Respect and maturity are very important to me. If you are a****you better believe I will run away without thinking twice.
-I take care of myself. It is important for my lovers to take care of them selves as well.(hygiene, health, mentally)
-If we go on a date I don't mind paying for myself but I'm not paying for you too, if you can't afford to date you should wait or go somewhere free.
-I am polyamorous. It is defined as "many loves" basically it's the idea of free love so if that makes you uncomfortable I'm probably not the girl for you.Do not get this confused with group sex or anything perverse please, it's a beautiful way of life and worth doing research on before judging.
-I'm pansexual. I find any sexual orientation as an option to love, so if you are against gay marriage you are too close minded for me.
-I need you to be able to communicate!!! no matter how uncomfortable the conversation I am extremely nonjudgmental, communication is the most important thing with open relationships.

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coffee shop, concert, craft fair, art show, bar...**** it let's go start a riot or kidnap the pope.

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