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rearrange: very superficial, but i prefer white or mix man
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Vallejo, California
34 year old Mujer, 163cm, Cristiano-Otro
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i used to think i was a beautiful mess, a person which most important qualities were uncover or unnoticed by most... Now, i realize that it was all ego and pride talking… i came up to the realization, that i am completely dysfunctional and/or terrify by happiness… Never the less, I am strong and honest to admit it =P, At times, It feels like giving up but i am persistent.

i am unsure of what to expect any more since being a grown up can be so much complicated =P… but whatever happens is important to keep chin up and play along =)…just sharing this to come up clean…

On someones profiles, I found the following quote that made me smile and even feel certain level of satisfaction; “One day a person is going to walk into your life and make you realize why it didn’t work out with anyone else” -friend!

WARNING: i might be contagious. ;) i will not compromise my core values =)

Hello =D

i am not a good writer; therefore, i decided to make a list about me in hope of creating a better over view of who i am,

Some adjectives that describe me are:

Spontaneous (big time)
Critical Thinker or analytical
Bratty at times =P
Knowledge seeker
Addictive Personality

and some more ...I am willing, open, and ready for someone that is on the same page as i am,... dating is making my tired =P but never the less i am here...

I will admit i am not near to perfection even when i strive to be. maybe one day, i will achieve perfection. I will be the best lover, friend, and wife. but at the moment, i am my self and it is all i can offer. My personal goal is to be happy with my self ;D. Don't get me wrong, i think i am awesome!. But, there is always room for improvement for anyone. My favorite female singers are PInk,Shakira, Bennett & Sinatra. I love watching movies specially romantic COMEDY, and action.

I'm not just looking for a random hookup or casual dating, therefore. Please do NOT WASTE your TIME or mine by contacting me FOR BOOTTY or Friends With Benefits since i am not into.... I AM Serious about It!!!

I am attracted to tall man, big hands(my hands are big), good hygiene habits, intelligent, outspoken, high morals, and Gentleman. As for who I date, I ask that you are Christian or someone who at least believes in God. Available and ready for a relationship (meaning you have time to meet regularly). Also I am open to the idea of pure friendship =). i think money makes life a little easier but it is not a priority in my life.

I prefer painful truth, over a white lie, and you? How do you see your self as a senior citizen?

My last experiences had teach me that most man are into have fun and sexual interaction... Nothing wrong with you or it, but STAY THE F@#$% away i am not into. yeah you can say i might a lil bitter but if you were in my shoes you will be doing more than that.,,

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anything that we will agree on, i will adapt to any situation by being open and honest… =P hope you do the same !

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