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San ramon, California
47 year old Mujer, 160cm, Católico
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I like to be outside, biking,hiking,camping, beaches, picnics,black and white photography, snorkling, amusement parks with the kids.I also enjoy theater,live, not big into TV. Massage is a wonderful way to understand who and where you are in your world. It allows us to become one with ourselves and go to the depths of our souls. It is amazing how much work can be done during a massage.

Champagne is always wonderful Audio books are a favorite way to spend a rainy Saturday. I hope to find someone to share a life of substance with. My musical tastes vary with the exception of hard metal and rap. I am really easy. Self work is something I do daily, there is always room for improvement. I find pleasure in learning about myself and others through others. The greatest lessons I have ever learned about myself was through running a group for women about women. The greatest lessons I learned about men was reading "Dark Hearts" I encourage any man who wants to learn more about himself to read this book. The metaphoric use was nothing short of incredible. (Lauren Petersen)-

Relationships of long ago: No big story as to the demise of past relationships. They just didn't work out for one reason or another. I am happy. Wasn't a good fit. I have never left a relationship feeling "defended", but instead it was based on a mutual decision to part.

By the way I am sushi friendly

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