iwant14me: let's go NINERS !! (:
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hmmm .. well while i would enjoy meeting a tall, handsome, older, mature guy who really floats my boat .. i'm really just looking for some friends .. some conversations . adult conversations . a break from the kid convo's that occupy my days .. it's been a long time since i've had friends that don't expect something or want to get something or are expecting me to offer something .. goes both ways i know .. but now i follow the rule that says i give what i get . also like the one that says, you're are only responsible for what you say not how someone else feels about it . wish i woulda learned that one a looong time ago .. i've always believed in what goes around comes around & i make my choices by asking myself if i would be able to tell my dad about wat i did (he's my best friend) .. kept me out of a lot of trouble i think . full circle by areosmith .. ever heard it ?? i been burned by quite a few people & the one's that were true blue have sadly left for heaven way too soon .. the few good ones i got left tho i think they know that i appreciate & love em . i know most guys don't like texting or emailing & girls love talking on the phone . for me it's opposite .. as soon as i get on the phone it's like a signal to my kids that they need my attention (: besides i grew up with quite a few pen pals so i think u learn more about someone thru their thoughts on paper (or computer screen) .. i have 4 kids, both my boys r teenagers, my daughters' not yet but it's only a matter of time . their dad's .. long stories .. to sum it up tho i figured it was better to be single than to bring a mister phony or mister liar & cheater in n out of my kids lives, so my boys missed out big time on having a male role model in their life .. we hang out tho .. play pool or cards or lego's (: they both got military plans too .. i don't even know how to face that if the time comes . pride & fear all in one . woh don't even go there . still got a few more years of peace of mind .. then my daughters will be teenagers .. peace of mind sure huh (: oh man u better know wat ur getting into if ur thinking of messaging me (: (: i have a tattoo on my leg that says Happiness, Passion, Love & Peace of Mind .. stilll looking for the passion .. ooh but i don't reply to msgs that just say hi . i probly could lead a conversatsion but i don't wanna .. i'm looking for a mentally stimulating older, sincere, honest, good-hearted guy .. i need someone i can lean on . someone who can talk to me about things other than how his day went . so ya well .. sorry i wrote so much & u got stuck reading it all (: goodnite !! (:

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Ummmm .. we could go get tattoo's .
me first (:

[ya, that's still a good idea for a first date . we can go dutch of course.]