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iwant14me: let's go NINERS !! (:
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iwant14me en busca de una relación.
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i.m tryyying to find my ambition again .. i'll be honest, i don't mean to play hard to get but i kinda feel that way sometimes, i think most people are tho, cuz i need mental attention before i would even consider meeting up in person for any kind of physical attention . besides the fact all the guys i find interesting so far live far away from me . aand u should know if i ever did agree to i would probly meet up with u with atleast 1 or 3 friends with me (:

i do still want some adult distractions tho so i thought i.d pop on here again & see what i see . my ex/bd & i are officially done as of a couple months ago & my friend thinks i need to date/be more open, i think i just need some decent convo's . pen pal style (: i got a few more years to be a mom before i can be more just me again anyway . my youngest says i don't need a bf cuz she loves me more than anyone in the whole world could love me . she's lrobly right . so i mean why can't someone come around n be a cool friend n stick around til then . who knows what could happen . i.m teaching my duaghter's boys gotta be just friends first, bf's waaaay later, gotta follow my own rules (: i would like to be a spur of the moment, no plann no prepare no think about it for a week first, "take a train ride to nowhere & back" (a guy wrote on his profile i read, i think i msg'd him & told him that was a goood one) (: so um yea u should msg me if yur lookin for a long term .. friendly .. flirty .. bullshitty .. friend reallationship .. who knows what dreams may come friend . all the good ones i knew left this world too soon . i hope i can find a few more . and all that lovey dovey, put each other first, loyalty til death, grow old together stuff .

buuut on the other hand i keep thinking if i.m gonna have 1 more baby (i want another son) i better meet someone quick cuz i.m getting oooold . i got my first 3 gray hairs earlier this year . from my son & his pregnant girlfriend ! it's been a lot of years that i've looked forward to christmas . i never gets gifts . this year i.m getting a baby granddaughter !! 3 3woot woot gramma time ! :/

forgot to say i am allergic to cats but i am soooo allergic to dogs . within minutes i start getting itchy & can't breathe good . it sucks cuz i loove dogs . i would LOVE to love on an english bulldog or boxer . but it's 1 of those things there's no getting around . guys with dogs always been off limits to me :( & i don't know how been tooo chicken to drive . don't ask my why i am i just am . stoner problem i guess(:

still true:
well while i would enjoy meeting a tall, handsome, older, hmm we're attracted to what we're attracted to right .. i like dark features, full lips, nice muscle shoulders & arms, a guy's jawline n i like guys shoes idk why & idk about guys who take lots of pics of themselves . i've only been around teeny boppers that do that . plus cuz i don't take good pics right (: i know .

i follow the rule that says i give what i get . also like the one that says, you're are only responsible for what you say not how someone else feels about it . wish i woulda learned that one a looong time ago ..

i've always believed in what goes around comes around & i make my choices by asking myself if i would be able to tell my dad about wat i did (he's my best friend).

aw man that was a looong time ago . i can't even really imagine myself introducing a guy to my son's . or my girls . craazy . peace of mind sure huh (: oh man u better know wat ur getting into if ur thinking of messaging me (: (:

i have a tattoo on my leg that says Happiness, Passion, Love & Peace of Mind .. stilll looking for the passion .

ooh but i don't reply to msgs that just say hi . i probly could lead a conversation but i don't wanna [not that i don't wanna but i been planning ahead, looking out for my kids for years, i look forward to caring about a man that much but i wonder more what it's like to see it feel it again for myself . i m looking for like if we gotta ride the bus & get across town n back u could be like i know what bus what time what transfer lets go . if u were a drug i want a upper a new high a new book to read . i think i should get a job studying [& photgraphing hehehe] men (: i love to know things about people . how u think n why n what n for who .. i'm looking for a mentally stimulating older, sincere, honest, good-hearted guy .. i need someone i can lean on . someone who can talk to me about things other than how his day went . so ya well .. sorry i wrote so much & u got stuck reading it all (: goodnite !! (:

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Ummmm .. we could go get tattoo's .
me first (:

[ya, that's still a good idea for a first date . we can plan for it & go dutch of course. or u can treat, tattoo's are expensive (: okay okay we might have to do something else .]

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