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iwant14me: i.m an adult but not like an adult adult (:
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Merced, California
36 year old Mujer, 152cm, Cristiana-Otra
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Hispano, Virgo
iwant14me en busca de una relación.
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da bebe sitter

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i hope you do too, cuz i know myself very well . being uncared for for so long, i always try to keep my feet firmly planted in reality . i may seem tough on the outside but i.m all soft n mushy on the inside . fragile even . that's why i want a man with strong hands . work hands, tough to the touch but soft when you touch me . i want a man with a strong sex drive . i.m a horny girl, honestly sex is 1 of the top factors ina relationship for me . (if u been drinking for the past 15 years, you might not be the one for me). i want a man to take me by the hand n lead the way . i want a man that has a past but only lives in the present . honestly, idk if i can be with a man who gets moody & depressed as much or more than i do . i wanna be the girl, you be the man, old school, open doors, wait for me to walk ahead or beside you, lean across my seat to lock my car door . i know its not cool to expect a man to be a certain way but if you can't shake your head in confusion, laugh at me (or with me), in anger or amusement, then put your arms around me & love me anyway, then you're not the one for me . i love to push buttons, i want a man with fun buttons to push . i want to enjoy the results of pushing your buttons . i want a man i enjoy watching, i want a man i can't keep my hands off of . i want a man who knows what to do once he gets his hands on me . i want a man who is good with his words, never says something he doesn't mean . u heard that never ask a question you don't want the answer too, i want a man i never am afraid to ask anything of . i love an intelligent man, sure i could google it but i rather ask u & listen to you talk . i rather meet a man who has his own place so you can pick me up & i can escape my little kingdom & visit yours for a while . sometimes i feel like cinderella, caring for my kids, doing everything, cleaning up after em cuz i spoiled em (i got tired of being strict mom & never getting to just be fun mom like fun dad, i.m a just let them be kids, being a kid don't last long) but wouldn't it be nice to know someone else besides me thinks they're cool little monstars & would have their backs without question . i need an o'malley cat to walk down my one way street . so yea you definitely gotta be stronger, mentally, emotionally & physically, than me . gotta have strong shoulders, sincere heart, eyes that wrinkle when you tinkle hahaha i mean laugh . maybe i.m getting old, but i found i been diggin the gray hair sometimes . maybe cuz i.m getting a few myself (: my first 3 i named after my son, his gf & my now 5 month old beauuutyfull grandbaby .

i.m attracted to tall men, full lips, chicano style moustache, big shoulders, firm chest, nice shoes, mmm a shaved head to rub . i love too rub my hands on a mans belly & chest, if u tuck in your shirts alot, maybe i.m not the one for uuu . i.m also not to sure about guys who take lotsa selfies . or tattoo's with your ex's name . sorry but i m not introducing you to my family with some other girls name visible at the first hello . i love straight forward honest men, tell it like it is love . a little bit of ***hole inside a uniquely genuine gentleman . by ***hole i think i mean fearless protective ****er with a sense of humor & a dirty mind . maybe a little kalifornia or natural born killers without the crazy killer part (: my ex was softer on the inside than i am . i can't handle that, i got enough fears & chaos in my own head i need someone the opposite of me, someone to fight the dragons with me for me, or atleast scare em off for a bit . i can't wait to finally feel something intense & real again. someone who can see things clearly & for what they are, no games no bullshit, great sex & a good kisser (: i can't wait to have a shirtless man in my kitchen that i can put my arms around n rest my head against his back . content, confident, loved .

love is love reflected

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Ummmm .. we could go get tattoo's .
me first (:

[ya, that's still a good idea for a first date . we can plan for it & go dutch of course. or u can treat, tattoo's are expensive (: okay okay we might have to do something else .] how about .......

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