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Hey there. I'm an artsy,somewhat nerdy, philosophical sort of chick with many, many interests: fine arts, theatre; reading, cooking, nature; the ocean/beach; many genres of music (rock, metal, alternative, 80's pop, and on, and on...)
I have countless secondary interests too - anything in the fantasy and horror genres, anime/manga, animal rights, human services, hiking/camping, coffee-shop loitering, and on, and on...I've also become a bit of a film addict.
I just graduated with my BA. in Art History and minor in Theatre, and I have a few arts/music related goals - 1.) I aspire to run a small art gallery one day, and 2.) I am completely determined, in the next few years, to open and run an 80's-themed karaoke cafe. I love singing, and am quite addicted to karaoke :)
My passion, however, is writing, in its many forms. I am a produced playwright, and at some point would like to pursue grad school for either stage- or screen-writing.
I love a good conversation, or a healthy debate. I consider myself to be a balance of many things: quirky, but conventional; creative, yet practical. I'm told that I'm emotionally mature for my age, but I'm a very curious person, love exploring and having a good laugh!
The person I'm looking for is kind, smart, open-minded, emotionally expressive, and is at least somewhat independent (at least personality-wise). I am fairly independent myself, and while I love closeness, emotional honesty,and things-in-common, i am also looking for a person who has interests and passions of his own. I consider myself "complete", and i am looking for someone who considers themselves the same :)

**** please do NOT hit me up for casual sex - i won't sleep with someone who i have no feelings for, sorry. intimacy comes with exclusivity
****I'm not a fan of super-short messages that say nothing about your personality ("hey baby"). they just come off as sleazy, sorry

oh, one last thing - do not be surprised (or jump to any inappropriate conclusions) when I suggest that we meet in person, rather than spend forever chatting online, as if it simulates real life. what can I say? you can't get to know someone if you're not willing to listen to or see them.

*don't be too shy to message on here though - i'm a pretty nice, accepting person, promise

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oh, wow - a date would really depend on what YOUR interests are; because i have Many.Talking sounds like a good start, huh? We could shoot pool, or catch a movie; grab a cup of tea or coffee; hang out at the park; or check out a concert :) oh, be warned - I have a very colorful vocabulary. Now you know.

This would be for more of a second-date or so, but if you are brave enough to give karaoke a try, then you score some major points.

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