aalton: good guy looking for good girl
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No con Unos kilos de más tipo de cuerpo
Crystal river, Florida
28 year old Hombre, 163cm, Otra
Origen étnico
Blanco/Caucásico Leo con Marrón
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night watch/ eckerd youth alternatives

me and brother in law at my uncle's having a few

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Acerca De Alton (A.J.)
Everybody wants happiness.
Nobody wants pain.
But you can't make a rainbow,
Without a little rain.

That being said, my name is Alton but everybody calls me A.J. I am trying my damndest to get back into shape. I'm on a low carb diet and depending on the weather I either run or ride my bike every other day. I work full time on third shift, I have my own vehicle. I don't go out to clubs or bars but I do like to fish and hang out with my friends. I've recently quit drinking so now I've only one bad habit left to kick. Which is smokeless tobacco. Wish me luck. I have a dog named Buddy. In my down time and am stuck in the house for whatever reason I'm either reading or playing video games. I like anime and I like to go to the Comic-Con down in Tampa. I'm a pretty quiet guy. I have a crazy sense of humor. I'm into horror movies and zombie apocalypse novels. As well as fantasy novels. Who doesn't like elves and dwarves and wizards fighting impossible odds to survive against hordes of orcs and undead creatures. Lol, anyway there's more to me than all that so if your interested hit me up.

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