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Sandra & Ernest
Finally found the one
We both had been on dating sites for a while and were going to give up. We each decided to give it one more try when we met each other. Our connection was instant. He is my exact perfect match.
Casados 7/2014
Leslie & Zachary
From Hawaii to Texas
Decided to give this site a try after many failed attempts with dating. Zachary my husbands profile wasn't something I was even looking for, ha. I actually accidentally clicked on his profile trying to log out, but I can say now I'm so happy I never logged out. We ended up talking a few days via pof messaging until we exchanged numbers. Texted for days until we decided to take the next step to talking on the phone, haha. It was literally a 5 minute conversation. Zachary was in the marines statio...  Leer más
Casados 2/2013
enio & vilma
amor da minha vida
estava perdido, e desanimado com a vida, foi quando decidi entrar no site. e deus colocou na minha vida apessoa que tanto esperei e nos apaixonamos logo de cara. ou seja ja amava só nao sabia; obrigado a deus em primeiro lugar e a vcs do site
Casados 7/0
marina & osvaldo
estou muito feliz por ter me casado e feliz por ter encontrado o amor da minha vida atraves deste saith
Casados 5/2014
Keeli & Brandon
Playboy vs serial monogamist...we both win!
We talked for weeks before we met but when we did, boy was it magnetic! We were inseparable for almost 2 months and then it hit us....this is really happening! We have really found something amazing....but we met online....we both have history....we haven't known each other long enough to feel this way....no this can't be real. We tried to explore other options but we were always drawn back to each other. Whether weeks or days, we knew we couldn't live our lives without each other. June 21, 201...  Leer más
Casados 6/2014

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