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Jonathan & Melissa
Love at first sight
Both Melissa and I had all but given up on finding love again. We were very pleasantly surprised to come across one another's profiles on POF. Even before we met in person, we knew there was chemistry. From the day we met, we knew we were meant to be together. On the night of our first date, we went to a local park and set up a remote camera behind a bench to photograph our first kiss. One month later I took her back to the same bench and proposed. She said yes and we couldn't be happier. March ...  Leer más
Hannah & Joshua
A Completed Puzzled!
One day in May I seen this guy on pof. His name was Josh. So, I decided to message him :) He responded back and we immediately hit it off! He lived about 70 miles from me and we knew we had to meet. We talked for about a month then he came to visit. It was love at first sight! He was working as a assistant football coach when we first met. Our love will continue to grow stronger each and everyday!
Casados 12/2013
Erin  & Josh
Love of my Life!
Met Josh online Dec 2012, had our first date January 2013 and knew it was the real deal by the 3rd date. We got married May 2013 and have been living happily ever after since :) Thank you POF for giving me the opportunity to meet my soulmate.
Casados 5/2013
Patience & Brian
Soul mates
Neither of us had the time to try and date being full time single parents. Our friends urged us on to this site. I decided I wasn't having luck and was about to delete the app and I decided to one last time search some men. I searched fathers within a 50 mile radius this time and he was literally the only one I messaged. I got scared and put off meeting him for a little while. Finally I got enough courage and our first few dates were at a playground and our kids had play dates. Family is my #1 p...  Leer más
Casados 5/2015
Sandra & Ernest
Finally found the one
We both had been on dating sites for a while and were going to give up. We each decided to give it one more try when we met each other. Our connection was instant. He is my exact perfect match.
Casados 7/2014

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