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Jessie & Jonathon
True love does exist....
I seen Jon's picture and I just had to say hi.. He was so mesmerizing to me and I was about 60 lbs heavier then I am now but I wa drawn to him .. I said hello and he wrote back .. We spoke for 12 hour the first night we spoke and the next day I said let's meet ... Jon agreed and we went on a walk for hours walking around his neighborhood... He has never seen my weight as an issue and makes me feel like a princess everyday.. We just felt ment to be.. The first night we spoke Jon said " I am goin...  Leer más
Casados 11/2014
Ashley & Corey
Second Chance
Coming out of a two year relationship gone wrong, my friend pushed me in POF's direction. Two months of messaging a couple guys and trying to remember how to flirt, a wonderful guy named Corey finally talked me into going on a date. He had been asking for this date for awhile. Every time I shot him down and came up with some crazy reason to stay home. I liked Corey so much that I was afraid to meet him and have him realize that I wasn't everything he had hoped. But the night we went out and had ...  Leer más
Nair & Mauricio
Casal abençoados
A minha vida teve uma grande transformação, pois com a benção de Deus encontrei o amor da minha vida,um verdadeiro homem irmão,amigo e companheiro.
Casados 2/2013
Patty S & Wayne
After almost three years of occasional dating and staying friends even when seeing others, we have decided to make adjustments for each other and be together. I always new we would be together. It just took time for both of us to find ways to compromise and adjust to each other. So many of us have been single for a while and become set in ways we don't know until someone else enters our lives and tells us about it. We learned that we really suited each other. I would encourage everyone to rea...  Leer más
Mike & Karen
Just wanted to say thanks to Plenty of Fish for bringing Karen and me together. We got married on Valentines Day 2014 and couldn't be happier. I knew that if I kept on searching then I would find the One! It took long enough though. Have been on internet dating sites since 2006. Have had more dates than I can remember and a couple of girlfriends before I found Karen. Persistence has been the key. Every time I got knocked back I'd just keep on searching. And it paid off big time. We are m...  Leer más
Casados 2/2014

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