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April  & Brooke
2 less fish in the sea.
I messaged Brooke mid Dec of 2011. We chatted back and fourth on pof for a couple weeks. Right after new years, while having lunch with my brother, I decided to be bold and ask Brooke if she wanted to go skiing with my brother and me. To my surprise she said yes. Now we are set. Her and her friend and me and my brother. To my dismay my brother became ill the morning of so I was left to go meet two strangers by myself at a ski mountain I've never been to. We have a shy meeting. If it wasn't...  Leer más
Casados 6/2014
Amaris & Jacob
Opposites attract
How to begin, my best friend and I were hanging out on the patio drinking wine and talking about men, when she finally convinced me to go on a dating site, since she used POF she thought that I should as well, and I am so glad that I did. That same night Jacob sent me a message. Despite the fact that he was completely opposite of my "type" I felt drawn to him in a way that I can't explain. We messages back and forth all night and began texting the next day. Just so you know the time span this al...  Leer más
Casados 10/2013
Robert & Susan
A love made in heaven
Sue and I stated chatting a few weeks before Valentines Day 2011... I saw her picture and contacted her. We met one evening a week before Valentines Day and its been,for me, love at first sight. From then on Sue and I treated every date as our first date. I tried to add a new experience for every date, and we became very close. So close that Sue asked me to marry her on Feb 29, 2012. To which I accepted. To make it formal,we chose a trip to Edinburgh Castle in Sept 2012, to which I proposed to...  Leer más
Christy & Mark
I found my forever!
Mark and I met on POF in June of 2012 and finally had our first date July, 6 2012. We spent the evening watching the sunset at a local beach and eventually that sunset turned into a sunrise. It was an instant connection. As if we'd known each other always. Over the first few weeks we found that we SHOULD have met dozens of times before. Growing up we had attended rival high schools, we shared the same friends, worked at a few of the same places at the same times. We even hung out at the ...  Leer más
Casados 7/2013
Evelyn & Allen
The love I thought I may never find...
We met in August 2011. A great friendship set the foundation for the relationship that followed. He is such a good man and I am proud to say that he proposed January 2014 and I accepted!

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