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submit your success story

Michelle & Mariano
Second Chances....
Thank you POF.... I never truly believed that I would find the love of my life and my second chance at love online, but that's exactly what happened! After a week of communicating online and by phone we decided to finally meet on Christmas night... And I was "hooked". After this meeting we were inseparable, and five years later we were engaged. A year later we were married with all our family and friends around us! Life couldn't be better, and I'm so thrilled to have found the love of my lif...  Leer más
A punto de casarse 11/2012
Mark & Acacia
Mark & acacia
After my 7 pints to her 1 glass of wine, I miraculously secured a second date, and now we are living together, saving for a house and a wedding!
Casados 4/2015
Louie & Nancy
Met Nancy on POF
Thank God I didn't have to go thru a bunch of people to find Nancy. She gives me a hard time because I was very specific on my search criteria. :-D She says she feels like she was picked like a mail order bride. LOL Not the case at all. She is a great person and we get along great! Sure we have our little differences but I'm sure there is nothing that we can't find a solution to or that we'll allow to come between us. Thank you POF for providing this site for us to meet on. It's been a great exp...  Leer más
Dexter & Megan
A fast romance
We met on here in November 2012. It was both of our first times using the website and we only messaged each other. We met a few weeks later....we haven't left each other side since! We got married on May 10, 2013 and we our expecting our first child this summer!
Casados 5/2013
Vicki & Bob
VickiBobby Forever
We were both getting a little discouraged with the online dating experience but decided to give it one more try. Each of us had said that we wouldn't have any expectations and would just meet and see what happened. Well, magic happened...when we met there was such a connection and not just sparks but fireworks exploded around us. Afterwards we couldn't even remember what the live music was or whether there were people around us. We have been together ever since we first met face to face on 8...  Leer más
Casados 8/2013

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