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Tracy & Bryon
Our Love Story
Neither of them thought that they would find love online, but somehow, through a random series of events, they did! Tracy had started a profile on Plenty of Fish. A friend and colleague was already using the site, and encouraged Tracy to start. With an attitude similar to “What can I lose?” Tracy started her profile. Bryon had started using POF sometime before, and although wasn’t an active participant, he was letting the fish come to him. In an afternoon of searching through random profiles, Br...  Leer más
Casados 2/2014
Andrew & Michelle
Prince Charming meets his Sleeping Beauty…!!
I was trying to join another site but had no success… there was a problem with it so I thought 'stuff this, I'll try POF…!!'…. The next day I had a message from someone who I later found out was called Michelle. We chatted for a week or so then decided to take the plunge and meet for a drink. When Michelle nodded off on my shoulder in the second bar we went to I guessed that she was comfortable with me… either that or I was boring her… haha..!! (She'd had a very long, busy week so I forgave her...  Leer más
Casados 3/2015
Angel  & Gary
Love at first sight
Our relationship has been great we hit it off the first time that we talked, and haven't stopped since. He drove 3 hours to meet me and to find out if the chemistry was there that we were experiencing while talking. I moved to Kansas City to be closer to him and found true love. We are each other's best friends which is what we were looking for. Our one piece of advice is communication, and allow yourself to be real with the other person. We have so many things in common and that is what we...  Leer más
Maura & Gerald
Gerald & Maura
Gerald and I were both single parents who worked full time. We were both disappointed by past relationships. We both kinda felt like we would never fall in love we were to old for that stuff. We honestly never would have met if it wasn't for plenty of fish. We are now married, we have a beautiful son together, we have blended our families together and now a full house! We can't wait to see what the future holds for us and we tell all of our single friends to try Plenty of Fish, what have you got...  Leer más
Casados 3/2014
Sinead & William
Finding true love at last
Well this is how this love story began. A friend of mine mentioned to me to sign up on pof to try and get me back into dating. At first obviously I was hesitant because I have heard there was a ton of creeps online. After a while I finally gave in but I almost didn't. I created my profile and got a lot of messages and met some great people but not the one. I almost deleted my account but I left it up. This one guy, kept messaging me and messaging me and I kept ignoring him. Finally m...  Leer más

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