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submit your success story

Jeff & Christina
Best Success story ever!
We met after talking on here for a couple months and she moved in immediately just as friends but it turned into so much more after just a couple days. We got married just a few months later and have been nothing but happy for over 2 years and we even have a newborn son! I couldn't be happier with anyone else and I've been married before for only a year and a half but Chrissy has my heart and always will. I was on 3 other sites at the time but yours was the best. It was free for me to contac...  Leer más
Casados 1/2013
Lavesh & Vicky
I messaged, she replied, we met, we dated, I proposed and she said yes!
I was a a Canadian who moved to London for work. I'd had a POF account for a while, but never used it much, then I realized that it could be a fun way to meet new people. I didn't really think anything would come of it, but was open to having fun and experiencing the culture while living in England. We were chatting for a few days on the site and eventually met at her hometown in Horsham. She was lovely and I knew from the moment I met her, this was one fish I was not going to let go! Af...  Leer más
Casados 11/2014
Jaleesa & John
Something Unexpected
We are so grateful that POF brought us together! I message John on a whim one day in August of 2011. Messaging quickly changed to texting and after 2.5 weeks I convinced John to come visit me in Minnesota. He and his friend Dallas drove the 4 hours to see me and the rest is history! It was (as cliche as it sounds) love at first sight! By December of 2011 we were engaged and in January of 2012 I moved from my home state of Minnesota to Iowa to be with John. We were married in October of 201...  Leer más
A punto de casarse 10/2012
Danielle & Andrew
Love at first sight!
Thank you so much pof! A friend of mine met her [now husband] on pof and talked me into joining. I did not have high expectations, especially after going on a few dates with some not-so-great matches. I was just about to delete my profile when Andrew messaged me. He was gorgeous, sweet, and we had a lot in common. Andrew joined pof because he is from California and doesn't know many people in Indiana (where we live), except for the people he works with and a few friends outside of work. He do...  Leer más
Casados 10/2013
Jamie & Andy
Perfect Match from the Start
Andy and I both joined pof with low expectations since we had both come out of a long line of failed and hurtful relationships. From our first conversation, everything just felt easy. We messaged for about 2 weeks before we met. I'd heard people say before "love at first sight" and "when you find the one, you'll just know". After our first date, we can both say those phrases are true. Everything went fast between us. In a few weeks we were hopelessly in love, at 6 months we moved in together, an...  Leer más

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