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paparoach43: Does anyone ACTUALLY want to hangout?
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I am in town for a few months and am looking for a good time. Have previously been in long term relationships but now just looking for fun. So if you are in the mood to hang out and have fun I am sure I can accomidate. Also to reitterate I am brand new to the area so if you want to show me places we can have a blast. I will be here until mid April so until then let the good times roll. I am not into drugs but what you do with your free time is your business. If it happens to come down to it I am ddf. I have been a serial monogamist up until this point now I am looking to experience new things with different people. I am up to try almost anything once so if you have any ideas don't be afrade to shoot it past me. If I seem remotely intresting shoot me a message. What is the worst that could happen, you could accidentally have a good time.

In case it matters I am around 6'2'' and 220lbs and have a football linebacker type build. I am not just looking for sex as many people who have read this profile have suggested. I just want to have a fun time hanging out and have a few drink. On the otherhand I will not rule it out if that is where you want to take it. There is absolutely no pressure for a night cap but is definently not out the window.

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Just don't want a girl with any preconcieved notions of what ISN"T going to happen. If something happens then amazing, but if not I am sure we had a blast.