singr4him: Can it just be football season already?!
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Citrus heights, California
28 year old jährige Frau, 165cm, Christlich – andere
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Über Mich
I am looking for someone who can laugh at life with me. I have gotten a good laugh at some messages/pick up lines and wondered on what planet these lines work? ;)

I don't know what to say about myself on here, it seems as though very few people read this. So if you're still reading, here we go:

I love music. I don't get to write or play it as much as I'd like to but hearing a good bass line or drum fill or someone nailing a riff on the guitar? I'm speechless.

I am pretty adventurous and like to do spontaneous stuff, with the right people of course. Road trips, camping, random adventures are all quite intriguing to me. I recently started REALLY enjoying hiking and more outdoors adventures. Fitness has become a very important part of my life over the last few months and I'm enjoying finding new workouts that I love.

I LOVE football.

My family and my relationship with God is everything to me. I could not imagine life without either.

I guess that's enough to start with.... I'd love to get a cheesy pick up line (keep it clean guys) and more than a "hi" but if that's all you can say... I understand. Sometimes breaking the ice is harder that it seems :)

Erstes Treffen
My ideal first date would be something that makes me laugh. I love surprises, so planning a few surprises would earn you major points :)

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