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I work....i get paid....i pay my bills....any Q's?

bored....and single not good combo

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Über Mich
Look. Yes I'm single.
Why you ask.....good question.
Here's your answer. Life made changes without me.....
But here's what I would like....
I want a man in my life....not a boy....not a thug....I do not want a man who is full of excuses yet no resolutions. I will not be with a man that wears faded, holy riped up clothes, unless we are working outside on a project. If you expect me to look good....then please think how you should look for me. I want someone who takes care of himself....for you should want to live another 40-50+ years at least for me....lol.

I dislike men who have no balls, no guts, no honor...Men arbe about security, stability....sorry Daddy was a Marine and a really good symbol of a good man.

Finally guys....don't waste my time....look at my pics I'm not tiny....medium....I'm thick and hold my own. I have self-esteem and pride.....I also use my brains 98% of the time. Therefore if that's a combination you don't wish to have then its best to not write me.

I am a mother and damn proud of it. My kids come first. But its time mommy had time for herself too. FYI I may not look like it but I have two grown kids....two teens and one pre-teen. Problem...well that's yours and not mine. They are my whole world.....and well therefore if you can't handle.....click to the next profile...

Although think about it.just for a moment...I might be the one....but you won't know until you take a chance...and get to know me....


What am I like? Hee...hee...I am a joker. I love to laugh.
I am a mother.
I have kids....(close to my heart they are)
I have a job...in which I work hard at everyday.
I have my own spot...my own car....and yes I am quite independent...but only because I have had too.
I am extremely creative - which explains the difference in my looks...I express myself in many different ways.
I love music...and there is always something playing in the background of my home, car or office.
Am I real? Oh yes, I am quite real....quite genuine and sincere.
I tend to let my heart make decisions...which always seems to break it too.
I am an over-achiever....I work for the best....
I tend to read a lot so that I never allow my brain to go stale and what I call stupid...LOL

If you have gotten this far...then you are apparently interested.
Now here is a couple things to think about before messaging me.
First off....

What type of relationship are you really seeking?
If you are looking for those one night stands...you need to just sleep with someone...or you want a friends with benefits thing...yeah keep searching...this site..I am sure you will find someone to fit that bill...but I am neither of the three...I am searching for someone that would proudly be my boyfriend...someone that is wanting a relationship that has some meaning to it...

Can you handle...kids...and kids....and kids?
I have a huge heart...and although I only have a few kids...I am a parental figure to so many others. It doesn't mean that you won't have time for me...I just have to be upfront - for sometimes people call me MOM and you might be looking at me...like how many kids do I really have...LOL...

What are you doing with your life?
Since I am a "white collar/professional" worker...I would like my guy to be a hard worker himself. I don't ask that he make a million dollars...of course not..but I do want someone in my life...who works for a living.

Where are you going with your life?
I have a career and I have my "stuff" in order therefore I only would think you would too. I understand life has its ups and downs and sometimes we have to start over, but I am not talking about these incidents. I am talking about the guys who are living at home with mommy and daddy - don't take care of responsibilities and have no desire to take care of these responsibilities either.

What are your ideas of family? Does your parents/kids come first in your life?
For if they don't please keep searching....this girl...is all about Family. Whether they are blood-related and/or family by honor...I have a duty to love, cherish and protect them...and if you don't we won't see eye to eye.

If you made it this far...you are probably ready to send me that message.
But do me a favor....at this point....Don't send me those random....Hi, how are you doing messages....in fact....answer this question...

Last movie you've seen and would you suggest it to me.....and why?

Otherwise....happy fishing...

btw if you feel up to it. Check out what I have been writing about....you might be surprised.... harleenquinnjinx.wordpress.com

Erstes Treffen
Shake my hand....give me a hug.....lets have some drinks....dinner....somewhere we could talk...and see if there is a spark between the two :-)