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Über Andrea
Let's face it....if you are here at this dating site...its for several reasons.
But let me establish...mine.
1. I work long hours...and don't find the time to actually try and find Mr. Right *(I figure eventually he will find me.....if I try a little).
2. I am too old (okay maybe not - but I am just not that kind of girl) to go bar hopping....*besides what kind of man do you really think I will find at a bar/club?
3. No, I am not the one night stand....woman. *uggghhhhh seriously who is anymore???
4. I know what I like....what I would like....but know...people are people and hey....flaws make great stories....

so that is why I am here.....Why are you here????

A little about me....now that you think you know me....
I am a joker, I laugh...(at stupid things sometimes) , I have raised my children ( yes 90% of them are adults now...only one soon-2-B 15 year old who thinks she a lady already - NOT!). I am a Gov't EE in management and do photography on the side.....if you know what IG is....look me up under HARLESPHOTOGRAPHY. I am VERY creative....and can do...make....anything my eyes can see...and my hands are willing to make. I am a geek at heart (well I was a geek during HS years...lol - so yeah maybe the ugly duckling gone swan? or maybe just cute duck...LOL). I have raised my children on my own....and now helping them raise their little ones too....(yes they that old....and yes i am a YOUNG GRandMA). I love being me...and normally people around me....always say I am the positive out-going loving one.....but hey I guess its your turn to find out...
So that is the synopsis of me...

*if the shoe doesn't fit....why are you trying to put it on?
*Beauty is in the EYE of the beholder
*Don't judge a book solely by the cover.....better open up the cover to see if you like the details
*Laugh when you have the change, giggle randomly and smile always....its more inviting....

Erstes Treffen
If only people look at dates differently, just to meet up...spark up a conversation and laugh.
No expectations - no evaluations...just meeting a random stranger...and having a good time.
Maybe even playing some XBOX.