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Hey people I'm tandyjeane from union city :) but my nickname is "angel" you can call me that name too :). Well maybe some of you guys asking why did I sign up here well I've been feeling alone I want someone will care about me or will love for who I am.. I don't like guys will treat me like "B^*^tch" I don't like guys who will cuss or call me "b**^*" I mean I'm a girl dude RESPECT IS ALL I NEED. I'm looking for a guy like who will treat me nicely and respect for who I am. I'm a loving person and very sweet person. i want a real relatiosnhip NO BS im tired of BS people. i dont play games so if you only want games dont view my profile :). NO BS PLEASE..people said I am a sweet nice girl :) if your sweet and nice to me maybe we can talk :) okay that's all. :)

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Instagram: tandysexxyyyy (you can see more picture of me)

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Hmmmm first date I want someone will treat me like a princess

Hmmmm first date I want someone will treat me like a princess
I wanna date with a good heart and really gentlemen will treat me nice and no ***hole :)

Hmmmm first date I want someone will treat me like a princess. I wanna be perfect date. The guy will ask me to go eat some dinner in the place that really romantic. And we talk each other shares our feelings :) tell what our past :)

-dinner, romantic movies, walk in the beach, bonfire and shares stuff, talk in the beach while drinking, eating in the romantic restaurant.. With beautiful view :)..