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Über Mich
Hello. So a little bit about me... I would say that im super chill. I love to meet new people. Im currently studying at the local university and so when I'm not working I'm probably studying. Graduating May 2016!!! I love to look cute and chill with friends but not afraid to get dirty at times. I'm extremely active and love to go to the gym to work out. I also love to eat. I'm super independent for my age in my opinion. I have responsibilities that encourage me to live my life in a mature way. I love to talk about controversial topics. I like to laugh and talk. Im extremely picky when it comes to what meets the eyes but most of my relationships havn't started with first physical attractions. Im looking for someone who is genuine and able to keep my attention. A good personality and confidence are what I like most in people. That was only a little bit of who I am. So if you want to know more...? Just ask me! :)

BTW: I know this is online dating, and a person is more than a posted picture, but my initial turn-offs...posting pics of money, no need to flaunt what you have unless you are looking for a gold digger chick, right..and it's not that appealing to a woman with her own....posting pics with your middle finger out...we all know or expect you to have one of those...pics with your butt out and shirt off...keep it classy...pics of you smoking/drinking...I'm not completely opposed...but again CLASSY...we all shorten our writing when appropriate, but if I feel your writing is at a 3rd graders capacity...I'm sorry....I'm not responding. I'm a good girl in the light of others, I would like a friend to be the same. Now what happens behind closed doors...jk, jk. Just keep it classy and show respect.

Erstes Treffen
Something active like bowling, mini golf, coffee break, maybe dinner! Honestly something that will just let us get to know each other. Something simple. Nothing fancy. And I don't do one night stands, so please show some respect and I will do the same.

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