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VN_commitment: Educated woman looking for LTR
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Milpitas, California
36 year old jährige Frau, 160cm, Buddhistisch
Asiatisch Schütze mit Schwarz
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Über Mich
I am an educated woman fully committed to family values. I used to spend a lot of time for education, so it's time to start a happy family with my man. I am here not to look for a man who likes drama or casual relationships. If you want to have something casual, please skip my profile. If I find a man I can trust, you will no longer see me on this website. I do not want many dates, just go out with the one I feel to have chemistry with.

I love taking yoga and working out. Staying in good shape is one of the priorities for me.

I am kind of picky to answer messages on POF. It is because I just want to establish a relationship with one I have connection with (i.e. education, family values). I really want to have children and want a relationship with someone who wants kids, too. If you are ready for a long term relationship and have the same values, we can start our relationship here.

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