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Elk grove, California
32 year old jährige Frau, 160cm, Christlich – andere
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Personal Assistant/CNA

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My apologies if I an unable to return messages, I have been getting a ridiculous amount of messages and not enough time to respond... If you are truely interested please be patient w me!
Update: I quit smoking, for the most part... A puff here and there just to remind me how much I don't need them. I am very open minded and spoken, I don't fake anything about me... U.wanna know, please ask!.I tend to swear like a sailor, remind u I'm.from Brew Town Milwaukee and that just comes naturally to me (found myself saying curse words during conversations w my Professor at college, yet she respected me being me). I have never dated any body but black men.... Y? That's what I have been attracted to since kindergarten, and I go w what I feel, can't nobody tell or convince me other wise.
I'm a cool calm and collected individual. I am a single mother of two children, they are my world! I love sports especially football... Gooooo Packers!!! Yeah i'm from Wisconsin, been here in Cali for two years now. Moved here to give my children a better chance of a better future. I love to watch movies, listen to music, attend sporting events, bbq, play pool, play spades and dominoes. I havent done much of the outdoorzy type stuff like camping and hiking but I'm def up to it! I get along w most of everybody, I can say w confidence that I am a great person to know!!!

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What ever we can agree on will work for me!!!

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