BBMorena23: Life would be easier if I was 5 inches shorter!
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San bernardino, California
31 year old jährige Frau, 175cm, Katholisch
Lateinamerikanisch Wassermann mit Schwarz
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Event Planner

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Über Mich
I'm a very driven person that tackles personals goals in life. I believe that hard work and a strong dedication will bring good things. At the same, I'm all about living life to the fullest by incorporating fun and enjoyment in my life. I would like to meet someone who has the same philosophy.

I love to travel to new places within or outside of California. I've been to several cities in the U.S./Mexico either for work or just fun. My next goal is to go to Europe. I love to learn about new cultures and traditions. With that, I enjoy the down time I get by reading a good book or watching a movie, especially biographies. I'm in love with movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood which is a reflection of my personal style along the lines of a Ava Gardner/Rita Hayworth than any of the "bombshell beauties" of today.

Hopefully I can meet someone who is passionate about sports, I am a huge sports fan! And if you like to watch the newscasts and carry a good debate about social/political issues with me, then I'm game for a debate! If you are a romantic, then I'll fall for you (eventually) because I definitely am a passionate person. Finally, if you love to volunteer your time for a good cause, I'm hooked! I dedicate so much time to volunteering. All of these things are just food to my soul.

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A sporting event

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