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Human Service MH/MR/ D&A Rehab...

At one of my best friends wedding receptions. I am in the middle

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Über Kik: matthewj83
I am a simple honest and open man. I am Sicilian/ Slovak/ Ukrainian, Austrian and part Ashkenazi "Jewish" ... I have a degree in Human Services, my niche is working with adults who are living with mental retardation and or physical disabilities, however I am currently working at a drug and alcohol rehab/ PA Department of Corrections center..... I enjoy cooking, entertaining/ cooking for close friends, campfires, wine (red/ dryer side) chianti, cabernet sauvignon/ bordeaux/ claret, getting wings at small rural bars such as, BP Inn (Home), Ryane drop (Marion Center), Silver Dollar (Plumville) or Rice's (Purchase line). I also enjoy cigars, dirt track racing and autocross/ drifting, drag races, going fishing every now and again, reading alternative medical studies, I used to be into powerlifting till I tore cartilage in my shoulder (I would like to get back into it). I also enjoy being around good friends and family... Always up to learning new things...

I enjoy many genres of music, right now my favorite go to is; The Rat Pack, Bobby Darin, Chris Botti, Michael Buble, Sade, some Christian hits (K. Love on iHeart Radio), sometimes Polka's on a sunday lol (part of my upbringing/ ethnic background), 60's soul / Motown, the 1980's include artists such as... Phil Collins, Robert Palmer,The Cars, Glass Tiger, Billy Ocean, Cutting Crew, Huey Lewis and the news, Richard Marx, Mr. Mr. etc...
I also enjoy listening to conservative political talk shows- Michael Savage and Alex Jones and will more then likely be giving my vote to Mr. Trump.

TV shows when able; The Walking Dead, House, Monk, The Mentalist, Ghost Whisperer, CSI, Criminal Minds, Psych, Cosby's, Law and Order SVU and MMA/ UFC every so often...
Some of my favorite movies; Space Balls, Coming to America Step Brothers, Napoleon Dynamite, Borat, Bad Boys, Dumb and Dumber, One Crazy Summer, Saving Silverman, Super Bad, and Super troopers...

I was raised Ruthenian Catholic. I love the traditions of the church, however a lot of Catholics tend to go through the motions and end up on auto pilot. (Going to church just because that's what you do). or maybe they feel you must attend every mass that is offered and confess your sins only to the priest or feel that the priest is the only road to getting your sins expunged.. I am looking for someone who dose not just go through the motions or that is extreme in the teaching of their church more so then the Bible and Yahushua HaMashiach. I would like someone who I can talk to about Yahushua HaMashiach without awkwardness, who dose their best to make a conscience effort to practice Judaeo-Christian principles. but dose not beat themselves up all the time for falling short... or the other side is one who relies on the grace of YHWH to be a get out of jail free card.. Everything in balance... This is VITAL in a potential girlfriend/ wife along with a few other traits.... The want and ability to communicate with one another, being completely honest even when it hurts and having trust in each other etc etc...(not big on people who hold grudges, fighting, flip flopping, saying they are fine when they are not, talking over, or being ultra passive aggressive, lying/ general shadiness, Cheaters and drug user are also turn offs). I would also like to mention here that that in todays world I would be open to a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage.. It is also a goal of mine to live OFF THE GRID and I also need to mention that I DO NOT believe in Vaccinating. If blessed with children my kids would not be getting them.....

Physical traits that I admire; a great smile, a thin/ petite build to an athletic build... I am not a typical guy (Al Bundy) from the stance that a woman's breasts are not the center of my universe... Your HEART, SMILE, SENSE OF HUMOR, SMARTS, QUICK WIT and FAITH in YHWH and Yahushua are FAR more important to me ;-) ... I am not a fan of a potential girlfriend having a large amount of facial piercings / large gauges or a ton of tattoo's... I am sad to say that I feel that I need to add this as well... Please be drug and disease free, have good hygiene / good oral hygiene if you plan on contacting me... (Some of aforementioned may seem shallow and or different to hear for some, but truth be told we are all on here to find as close to OUR ideal partner as we can, everyone has certain things that they are or are not attracted to)... May YHWH Bless you and best wishes ;-)

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Anything from, going fishing (shoreside), to going to an auto racing event, to making a dinner/ going to dinner/ drinks and cigars...

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