Sharurotto4: Hi there! :)
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Anaheim, California
24 year old jährige Frau, 163cm, Christlich – andere
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Über Mich
My name is Charlotte Rose, I go by Char. My socks never match. I
love dogs so much that it's become a part of my personality. I
watch children shows and like them. I'm weird to the 10th power. I have a thing for nerds. I always try to improve myself.

I love the water. There are a lot of things to do in the water that I would love doing, such as boating, hot-tubing and jet-skiing, but am far too poor to afford to be able to do said things.

I want a man who is strong, a protector so I feel safe when I'm with him. If you aren't the kind of guy who would stand up for your woman, you aren't the kind of guy for me.

Right now I'm looking for the nice-guy-that earns-the-girl type. Someone who is really sweet and a gentleman. I'm looking to meet new and exciting people and make new friends. So if you're someone who is exciting and likes to get out and do stuff, send me a message. :)

*NOTE: If you're on here because you don't have time to form a relationship, you probably aren't for me. I enjoy spending time with my partner so if you don't have that, that would be a problem.

So apparently this is what I'm looking for in a man:

1. white boy
2. taller then me (5'4'')
3. Willing to travel
4. Decent looking (preferably green eyes)
5. somewhat nice
6. okay with talking on the phone
7. Doesn't smoke [ANYTHING]
8. Doesn't hunt. :)
9. Believes in God.
10. Has a career/working towards that.
*It'd be nice if you are the kind of guy who is willing to take cheesy pictures with me :P

**bonus points if you're good at math. One of us should be. Haha

Erstes Treffen
I like to let the man decide. It says a lot about a guy by the kind of place he picks and if he's paying, its only fair he gets to choose. Though seafood for me would probably be a bad pick. :P

A man who is fun, romantic and creative with his date ideas will really impress me. I love doing fun and silly things

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