AmandaReneeD: Looking for a nice guy!
Nein mit Mollig
Sharpsburg, Georgia
24 year old jährige Frau, 173cm, Christlich – andere
Weiß Zwilling mit Blond
AmandaReneeD Möchte eine Beziehung
Tutor/Substitute Teacher

Ich suche Einen Mann Für Dating
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Konsumieren Sie Alkohol? Manchmal Möchten Sie Kinder? Ja
Familienstand Single Nehmen Sie Drogen? Nein
Haustiere Hund Augenfarbe Braun
Haben Sie ein Auto? Ja Haben Sie Kinder? Nein
Längste Beziehung Weniger als 1 Jahr

Über Mich
I am a recent college graduate, and am looking forward to starting my career as a teacher. I have a goal to eventually get my master's and get into administration. I'm working as a sub now. I have recently lost about 70 pounds and have begun taking my health very seriously, so I'm no longer a couch potato! :)
I like to be silly and fun most of the time, but know when it's time to be serious. I love my family and friends. My family is very close and we spend a lot of time together. I am an only child, but have a lot of aunts, uncles, and cousins. I have a few very close friends and their opinion is important to me.

Erstes Treffen
Something that is low pressure. Anything that will be fun and give opportunity for conversation.