Age: 22
soitgoes_syd: Uniqueness is beauty.
Ja mit Mollig
Yosemite, California
23 year old jährige Frau, 165cm, Nicht religiös
Weiß Zwilling mit Rot
soitgoes_syd Sucht nach einer Beziehung.
National Park

Ich suche Einen Mann Für Längerfristig
Beziehungstest nicht vollständig Persönlichkeitstest ansehen seine Ergebnisse
Konsumieren Sie Alkohol? Manchmal Möchten Sie Kinder? Ja
Familienstand Single Nehmen Sie Drogen? Nein
Haustiere Andere Augenfarbe Grün
Haben Sie ein Auto? Ja Haben Sie Kinder? Nein
Längste Beziehung Weniger als 1 Jahr

Über Mich
I don't have perfect skin.
I don't have boobs that are so big they could knock you out (why is that attractive?).
My stomache isn't flat.
My legs don't have an airbrushed look.
My hair doesn't always look like I have a fan blowing in my face.
My make-up isn't perfect when I wake up and my breath doesn't smell perfect either!

What I do have though, is a kick ass personality!
I have a passion for life and nature.
A sense of humor that keeps me laughing, through the good and bad.
Loyalty that never sways.
A shyness that never holds me back.
I have an open mind that enriches my life.
I find beauty in what most people can't.
Flaws that have made me the strong person I am today.

I am unique, just like everyone else, but I don't feel the need to conform to society.
I get excited about little things; flowers, animals, the ocean, letters in the mail, books...
Nature never ceases to take my breath away.
I try to always remain grateful for what I have.

I'm not "perfect", but I have so much more to offer than perfection!

Erstes Treffen
Honestly I'm open to anything that makes us both comfortable. I figure coffee or a walk first would be good so we know we both aren't crazies. ; )