321gopurple: looking for a good guy, honest, loyal, fun...
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Garden valley, California
34 year old Weiblich, 168cm, Christlich – Andere
Hellhäutig, Fisch
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Art teacher

Wine country. Isn't this a cool looking tree?

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Über Mich
First of all- please do not confuse "looking for a relatinship" and bootie call. These are defintely different things, and if everyone is honest, we are all much more likely to find what we are each looking for. Also, I could always use more friends, so I am also looking for new friends.

About me:
I am looking for someone who brings and the best in me and hopefully I bring out the best in him as well.

I heard it put this way: if you are exactly alike; one of you is redundant and completely unnecessary in this relationship.

I think you have to start as friends and go from there.

Goals: furthering my education, travel to Western Europe... Learn a language other than English, learn to surf, take a hot shop glass class, rebuild a car engine

Hobbies: art and crafty things, pottery & ceramics, volunteering, baking, science

Music: I listen to lots of types of music, no country please. For a club, house music (chicago style) or the radio's top 40... In my car favorites include pop, hip hop, r&b, rap, ani difranco & tori amos. I listen to my music VERY loudly in my car, usually with the windows down to enjoy the beautiful California weather.

A little about me: I like art. I make ceramic pottery. I really like watching movies.

If you do something, do it 100%. Go big or go home.

I like to understand how things work. I find cars fascinating. I have excellent mechanical apptitude and spatial relations. If you know of a really great car club message me just to hook me up with that ok?

I definitely believe everyone should treat others how they would like to be treated.

I like to be helpful whenever I can.

I think it is important that you want to talk to the person you are dating and want to know what is going on in their life.

If you reach the point where you are seriously dating; then one person at a time, please. It would never even occur to me to cheat on a boyfriend, so it is important to me to find someone like minded on this matter. I would absolutely always prefer to break up, rather than be cheated on so please just be honest about the situation. If you want to date the whole world at once, that is fine... For you and your someone elses.

I completely respect people who have the dedication to go to the gym every day, but that is not me. Going to the gym just never made it to my top 3 things to do today. So if that is a deal breaker for you, it is good to just get that out of the way now. You can go to the gym, I will do something else. I think of the gym much like washing dishes, no fun but necessary.

Also, people tell me I am pretty smart, this seems to be a secret deal breaker for a lot of guys, so I just want to get this out there now and save some time. I don't particularly consider myself smarter than other people; I think of it more as paying attention. I assume that should someone else choose to pay the same amount of attention to the things arround them, they would notice the same things I do.

I have also been told I am "pretty smart" while quite drunk, just so you are forewarned. I don't consider myself "bookish" and I like to go out to bars and dance clubs. I love the noise of clubs. I love how alive you feel when you stand in front of a huge speaker and the music shakes through your whole body... Awesome!

If you are still reading- wow! You should totally send me a message.

Erstes Treffen
A nice first date would be to have a conversation over coffee to see what common interests there are. If there is an event going on, it would be fun to walk around at a festival, art fair, gallery walk or something downtown. Hanging out by the water or piers could also be fun. (These ideas made more sense when I lived somewhere else, maybe you have a good idea for what to do in this area)

If things go well, future dates could include a trip to a museum, a trip to the track to watch races.... Something fun, interesting or new.

I am very cautious about online dating. I move at what I consider a healthily cautious speed but it may be too slow for some people. I plan to talk over email first and get to know someone a little.

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