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Lets see~I'm an eclectic mix of some of this and some of that, and I love it. I love finding beauty in all things and genuinely believe that behind most closed doors there is something amazing waiting to be discovered! All in all life is good...Actually better than that! I love hidden treasures but prefer not to search. I love the outdoors but think it's too cold. I love to watch the sunrise but love to sleep in. LOL :)

I'm passionate about the things I believe in and generally prefer to be around folks that believe in something with an intensity sooooo strong it blows me away. I'm all about surrounding myself with "Real Folk" that make honest contributions to this world and love their life and all its offerings.

I consider myself to be a creative person that loves the Arts. I enjoy listening to live music by fantastic indie or undiscovered artists. My taste in music is simple; I love music by folks with either rich voices or unique sounds. What's in my player now? Maroon 5, KEM, Annie Lennnox, Brian McKnight, Esparanza Spalding, Rachelle Ferrell...

I LOVE most sports but football and Tennis are my absolute favorites. Until recently, I lived, breathed, slept and ate all things "EAGLES". Once McNabb was traded, I realized I was more of a McNabb fan than an Eagle fan...but I still love my boys! Even though the last few seasons have been a bit rough,I've got their back...no matter what. I suppose I'm loyal to a fault.

My other passions include: writing, photography, shooting short films, reading, reading and reading some more. Doesn't matter what I'm reading as long as it captivates me and keeps me intrigued (I share this feeling about dating as well :)

About me (physically): I am an African Latina (my mother is of African descent from Central America and my father is African American). I am of average height and weight, not overweight and not skinny, not super tall but not short either. I have a dark complexion with shoulder length Locs.

The guy for me is living his version of an authentic life. He has a genuine passion for exploration, knowledge, and all around joy seeking. He takes pride in his outward appearance and is relatively eye pleasing but places a higher value on his spiritual and emotional well-being than the physical. He is generally open minded, non-confrontational, a brilliant thinker, and an even better executor. Lastly, he is a man of high integrity and either possesses the belief (or is open to the possibility) that his next great love is or could be...me. Ashay!

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