Age: 32
kom661: foundation begins with friendship!
Nein mit Sportlich
., Georgia
32 year old jährige Frau, 173cm, Baptist
Schwarz Waage mit Schwarz
kom661 Möchte daten aber nichts ernsthaftes.

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Über Mich
Hated by some, liked by most, Loved by all! Either you love to love me or you love to hate me. Its totally up to you! People that know me can tell you that Im a very cool chick but about business!! Im shy to a certain measure but not to be confused with what some people may call " stuck up". Sometimes I just dont have anything to say, and other times if its not nothing nice to say I just keep it to myself. I do have manners! other than that I would have to say that Im a all around cool type of gal! I cherish my friendships, so if you cross me know that I will always forgive you but know you will never be close to my heart.

I am currently looking to relocate at the present. If you have any questions for me feel free to just ask!

Erstes Treffen
Whatever we decide would be fine with me however I love surprises. I have always been the one that would have everything planned out for whoever I was dating. ( not that I will stop surprising whoever I'm with) but just once I would like to witness how it feels for someone to think of me and surprise me in that way.

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