Age: 35
Age: 36
*bridy*: full of adventures.
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Gloucester, Massachusetts
33 year old Weiblich, 160cm, Christlich – Andere
Hellhäutig, Steinbock
*bridy* möchte daten.
Field Support

Why yes, I do own a SF Giants Jersey. Don't freak out, they are my NL team!

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Über Mich
Not going to lie and tell you that I LOVE YOGA (i've been 3 times, it's not enough to list that). Yes I put Pumpkin spice in certain things, I mean how do you make pumpkin scones with out that?

I am decent a trivia nights (some categories favor better for me than others), but I contribute as much as I can. If there is a chance we can win, I get very competitive.

Love a good Stout or craft brew, I work in the Wine industry and that is fun in itself.

Moved back to MA in 2013 to take care of my mother, after having a killer "Rockstar Life" in California for 9 years. I lived in various, glorious cities throughout (last one being Oakland, that's right THAT Oakland).

I traveled with my former Softball teams, we were pretty legit, World Series Legit.

I like all sorts of music, I will say I am a music dork and truly get excited when I meet others.

I do like Football-yes I do watch it on Sundays and yell at the TV, I do like Baseball and Hockey. Granted I did not say "Boston Sports" or specific teams because I personally feel that you can have more than 1 team in a specific sport (unless you are a Chargers, NY Giants, or Dodgers Fan).

I don't take myself too serious, sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes it's a bad thing.

I enjoy cooking for others, granted they may come from a cookbook, doesn't mean I did think about you first ;)

I would tell you more, but then what's the point of meeting?

Erstes Treffen
I'm going to put it like this, I enjoy people and hanging out, break out of the same time, same bat channel. Friendly, engaging conversation works (I'm not trying to be a dentist so don't make me try and pull teeth to talk to you), no pressure, just sit down and learn about someone, it's all that is, it may take a few times, who really understands filet mignon just on plating alone?

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