Andrea & David
Edmonton, Alberta

Congratulations to our $100,000 winners Andrea and David! They are a reminder to us that love might just be a click away! We wish them nothing but happiness as they take this next, exciting step forward in their relationship!

POF would like to thank all of our thousands of couples who shared their stories with us. You are all an inspiration to those still searching for their special someone. Congratulations on finding love on POF!

  1. Be open and honest about what you’re looking for in a partner. This is the first step to finding someone you’re compatible with.
  2. When you message a user you’re interested in, make sure you read over their profile beforehand and incorporate their profile into the message. This shows the person that you took the time to read over their dislikes and interests.
  3. Messages should be light and upbeat, ask a couple questions. Tasteful compliments are always welcome too.
  4. If you’re in doubt about whether you’re a match, go on a second date.

We’re going to use the winnings to pay for our intimate wedding and a 2 week honeymoon in the Caribbean. We’ll also be using a big chunk for a down payment on a house so that we can start our family together! A new motorbike for Dave is still in the works... :-)


What really got me to reply to David's message to me was the fact that he said I looked like a personal trainer in one of my profile pictures. I was quite flattered and amused. After a few messages back and forth we exchanged phone numbers. Three nights of 3-4 hour phone conversations, we both were looking forward to our first date. We planned to meet on a Patio for a casual drink and I was hopeful that the chemistry we had on the phone would also happen in person. The first time we saw each other we were both shocked. David showed up in his motorcycle gear with helmet head, unshaven and a little sweaty. I on the other hand wore a nice summer dress, new sandals and cute little handbag. At that moment we both knew our version of 'casual' were quite different. We had amazing conversation and by the end of the night we both wanted to meet again. Two days later we had our second date, David dressed up and I went more casual. We both had a little giggle about that. Our conversation over dinner was amazing, we talked about our dreams, goals, values, fears, and shared embarassing stories and it felt so easy to talk to each other. We had our first kiss in the parking lot between our cars, a kiss that I will always remember because as that moment, I knew that David and I had something special. He proposed to me 9 months later on a romantic walk downtown and I was the happiest girl in the world. We know that the love we have for each other is precious and one of a kind. We're bestfriends, each others support system and we are so thrilled to start the rest of our lives together. Our wedding will take place this fall in a beautiful building overlooking the city skyline with a view of the river valley. We also will have a fish tank for one center piece to honour our meeting on POF. Our families and closest friends will witness our special day when we say our vows and begin our journey together as husband and wife.

The love of your life is waiting for you, find your happiness today.

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